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RAM upgrade for Zenith extreme - CPU 2990wx

Level 7

Hi all,

I have been using this board for five years now, and whilst quite happy with the performance I'd like to take it a notch better.
Currently I am using G.SKILL Flare X Series 64GB (8 x 8GB). 
Not sure if this is important, but I am also using M2. disk, plus M.2 module with 2 NvMe2, plus ASUS Hyper M2 with 4 4TB NvMes and RTX 3090 Ti. 

I would like to upgrade the RAM. Preferably to 128GB. The documentation says it doesn't support 32GB sticks so I guess I'd need to go with 8x16GB. 
Any recommendations on what would be the best stick to go with?
Also, I have Noctua heatsink and fan so the size of the stick will matter if I need to go with all 8 slots.
I would like to be able to run these on higher than stock frequencies.

Thanks and cheers!!!


Level 10

Hey dude,

That's quite the setup you have there. I'm a happy owner of Zenith Extreme as well. I suggest that it's better to stick with Flare X series for a 128GB setup. Zenith Extreme doesn't support RAM modules higher then 16GB's or 256GB's of total capacity. I was wondering though if the BIOS updates add the random access memory capacity. One of Asuses support emails replied on that and confirmed that it doesn't. What RAM frequency do have initialized? Moreover, I can't confirm this but with all random access modules in slots, it could be mere to impossible to achieve an overclock. From my experience, no matter what I tried with all DIMM slots occupied (128GB), nothing was accepted. Probably a IMC limitation. Anyhow, I will be upgrading to that CPU monster someday as well 🙂  

Thanks for getting back to me.

I have eventually gave up from 128GB RAM, and managed to run a stable 64GB, 8 sticks, setup @2933MHz. I was able to boot @3200MHz, but was hitting thermal throttling on non CPU Components, forgot their names, the first and third one in HWinfo.