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QFan CPU Problem running constantly @ 100 %

Level 7

I've done all sorts of turning, manual configuration etc but when I leave my computer idle for long periods of time (say hours) while displays etc are powered off my fans start to ramp up and are pegged @ 100 % while my computer does nothing... I am using BIOS 701 as this is the only one that can detect all four channels at my rated speeds. Does anyone else have issues with QFan settings? Speedfan also seems to failing on x399 platforms so I have no way of controlling the speeds apart from BIOS. AI Suite is a hog and don't want to install it.

My computer specs are:

* 1950x
* Zenith Extreme
* G.Skill F4-3200C16Q-32GTZR
* AX1200i
* GTX 980 Ti / GTX 750 Ti
* Enermax TR4 360 Pump on CPU_OPT header / 3 x NF-F12 fans on CPU_FAN header

No overclocks etc on any of the components apart from using DCOP for setting memory at their rated speeds.

Level 7
This should be a "known issue" - it has been existent since the release of the board. AI Suite will not fix or correct this problem it happens at the uefi level