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Post Code 48 - check cpu

Level 7

Hi, I have 3990x+zenith ii extreme alpha, The first time after assembly, everything worked well, 128GB of RAM (4x32) at a frequency of 3600 with standard processor frequencies 2.9, but the voltage was reduced to 0.78V. The rest of the settings (frequencies, voltages, timings) were in automatic mode. After about two weeks, the system stopped starting at a memory frequency above 2400, and after another week the maximum frequency at startup was 2133 (yes, to reset the settings and start, you had to remove the processor from the socket), (installing a different memory, 5 BIOS versions did not give a different result, 3gpu,  2psu...),  but since the memory frequency is not important to me, I left it at 2133, and everything was fine for about 2 months (suddenly, I checked the “auto” voltages of the memory and memory controller in the processor, they were not too high). But just during operation (about 2 hours after turning on) the system simply turned off and stopped starting.

Writes "Post Code 48 - check cpu"...  (the processor gets hotter) 

Tested it on Strix TRX40-E Gaming - the result is the same, post 48( 
Tested 3970x on my extreme alpha - all ok


So.... my 3990x is dead?(( I couldn't find any information on post 48 anywhere else.