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OLED Panel Displying Code "C0"

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Hey everyone,
I scanned a lot pages hoping to a find thread similar to my subject. If there is one already, sorry about that 🙂
I don't know when this started happening but for a while I didn't have to restart my PC from Windows environment nor enter BIOS. A couple day's ago, while installing an Windows update, the PC had to restart to configure the update however once that finished, my computer was standing still with a blank screen and noticed on the oled panel code "C0". I decided to wait a bit, but nothing happened. I pressed the reset button on my case and my PC restarted. I wanted to check in my BIOS if something changed during the course of my absence (maybe a few months) but everything was looking good, so I wanted to exit the BIOS, using function Save Changes & Reset. My computer started rebooting however again, the code "C0" was displayed. I waited for a bit but nothing happened at all. I had to press reset button once again on my case.
This is a strange issue because as I'm typing, everything is working fine with my PC. I haven't checked any game yet, will check on that on my day off.
My computer isn't overclocked and all setting's are on default. My PC post's, boot's & load's perfectly fine. I can shut it down normally. Now, I'm concerned with this issue, because in the future if I'd like to make any changes in the BIOS, if this issue isn't resolved, I won't be able to save any changes :eek:
I contacted Asuses support team here in Poland, they've replied to precisely describe the problem however I haven't any answer from them in the past 2 days now. Just wondering if anyone here have experienced this problem? Any solution?
Thanks everyone 🙂

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I received an email from Asuses support team here in Poland and they stated that it's the power supply failing. I find that very hard to believe (which is true in the end). I decided to switch off the power supply and plug it to the wall. Now, my computer didn't want to post at all :eek: However, on the power supply unit, the fan & other fans from the case, as well as, the radiator fans, were spinning. Right there I knew, that the issue isn't with the power unit.
The last thing I wanted to do is clear my cmos because if anything would happen, I could of lost all my data (games & music). I know how sensitive this board is. But then again, I thought, since I don't have an overclocked system and all in default values, it should be fine. So I gave it a shot. My computer booted, went into BIOS, checked if everything is in order and acknowledged the setting's by saving & resetting. That worked too. So here I am again, typing, one happy camper 🙂
I do have a few concern's, as a matter of fact, of how incompetent the support team here is in Poland. Code "C0" is not power supply related, at all, since the unit is working just fine. Secondly, where the hell on Earth, I should get now a second power supply to test my system? None of my colleagues have a system of this caliber. So basically, the support team is stating, that money just fails down from tree's for everyone and I should go out & buy another unit, just to test it? Or maybe I should go out to service agent @ a retail store, pay money just for checking my PC with another power supply and hear from then maybe that something else is wrong (as they mentioned with overclocking the ram without the cpu).
This is just terrible & unprofessional support. I'm hoping an Asus supervisor will read this, will reflect on this because this is just unacceptable. I don't know, when I will receive this error again because my system can reboot or boot into BIOS, save setting's and load into Windows environment as well. Maybe it's time Asus should update the BIOS?