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No Post with Raid Controller Card / addon PCIe

Level 7

The board don´t boot with my LSI 9650SE ML16 card, no matter wich slot i use.
Error Message CODE: 07 NVRAM

Edit: now it is CODE:92 Test NVRAM

With my Intel 4port lan card the same.


Sorry for Bad English i am from Germany...

lightknightrr wrote:
Uh, hi guys, I have the 9361-8i, and it's working for me (was a PITA to install as usual, but that comes with the territory). Latest (800) bios for Xenith, latest firmware on the 9361-8i, install without using the Intel SAS expander (if you have one), using Windows 2016 Standard.

Now, the various Ethernet controllers, they are a mess (can't find the Intel one even with the latest Ethernet Adapters CD), and something is missing from the Bluetooth and WiFi (like it's installed, but there are additional devices that need drivers...). Aside from that it's stable, running at 2666Mhz at the moment (had it at 29--Mhz, but I'm thinking a thermal issue slowly made it unstable).

The final trick to getting the RAID-1 (for the OS) to work (aside from giving Windows the driver on a USB stick, it needs that; and setting it as a boot device in the RAID bios) was resetting the actual RAID-1, so they'd be in sync (I mean, I had done it way earlier before, but Windows was throwing me out of Windows setup, which eventually reminded me that that happens when the two are not perfectly in sync).

Hi there, I've signed up to ask you a couple questions.

I have a LSI/Avago 9267-8i. I plugged this in to my Zenith motherboard and it did carry over the older array I had before on a previous motherboard. Settings must have been stored in the raid card. However I need to re-setup 2 other raid 1 arrays.

I cant for the life of me get to the WebBios…… Any help would be appreciated!

I see the post message for pressing Ctrl + H to get there, but it never loads the WebBios to configure the array.

Looking for any help. I've tried the Legacy CSM bios options and setting all from UEFI to Legacy. Unsure what to do as you cant seem to make arrays using MSM (Megaraid Storage Manager. that I know of unless there is something i'm doing wrong.

Thanks for any help,

Level 7

I've looked up the specs of your RAID card, and I am here to tell you that it's time to let it go...

It does 3.0Gb/s; current cards do 12Gb/s. Let it die. If you need more ports, get a SAS expander; I swear to you, the one I have works with SATA drives as well; it also does multi-link (plug multiple connectors from the RAID card into the SAS expander).