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Need advice. 3970x is acting worse than 3960x in gaming.

Level 7
Hi all,

I recently upgraded from 3960x to 3970x. For productivity I received the expected extra performance, but I started to have issues with gaming.

When turning PBO on, I am getting very low 0.1% and 1% min FPS in terms of 24 FPS for a game I am typically playing 240+ FPS - Overwatch.

I also noticed some of the cores goes in a sleep state, something I never saw with 3960x.

Temps are good, around 60-70 degrees C.

The issue goes away if I manually OC the CPU to 4250 all cores at 1.275v. 1% lows jumps up to 150 FPS.

The new 3970x is definitelly better binned compared to my old 3960x still it performs worse in gaming.

Also both CPUs are never boosting to 4500 on any core, even for a fraction of the second on single core load, and even with PBO on.

Gaming mode is not an option, I really don't want to restart between my work and game sessions, not to mention it does little to no effect.

So I am starting to think I am doing something wrong with my BIOS settings. Any advice how to configure PBO in BIOS for stable gaming fps, and possibly with some extra boost clocks?