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Nahimic Service full of problems

Level 7
I had problem with fullscreen mode on a game. It was always on window mode and whenever I was trying to change the resolution it was freezing. I did a clean boot on windows and after disabling and enabling the services, that Nahimic Sercvice was causing the problem. After a quick search on internet I found out lots of complaints about this Nahimic Service. I wonder now what to do to delete it. Any ideas?

I recently manually updated windows to the 2004 version and got some major performance issues. About 1 minute for Firefox, chrome etc to launch! I rolled back to earlier Windows and it was working fine again.

Yesterday Windows updated automatically to 2004 and the problem was back.

Googled and found that it could be caused by a driver from ASUS. I stopped the service called Nahimic Service and the computer was fine.

I just wanted to point this out, that the cause of the problem is the Nahimic driver from Asus! I've no idea how it came into my system but I might have installed some of their crappy software some year ago. (I'm using a ASUS Z390-F motherboard - My next motherboard will probably not be an ASUS product)