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Memory code 00 - Memory Test error when power is completely shut off

Level 8
However, I'm having a really weird issue. Yesterday was the first power-on test of the system and it jumped into the BIOS just fine. The very first thing I did was flash to the latest BIOS revision (0902), load optimized defaults, and reboot. The reboot also looked good and I was back in the BIOS, so I hit the power switch to shut everything down.

I did a bit of cable management and booted back up - I should say, I flicked the PSU power switch (not the system power on button, but the actual PSU power switch) and while the RGBs turned on, the OLED screen immediately showed "memory code 00" for a few seconds before switching to say "memory test". The system was unresponsive at that point - the fans and water pump never turned on and as far as I could tell the system was actually powered down with just idle board power, but all I saw was "memory test" and a board that wouldn't even POST. No video output at all, of course.

I am running 4x 16gb sticks at the moment in slots D1, C1, B1, and A1. I tried reducing the memory to just one stick in D1 - same behavior. As soon as I cut on the PSU power, I saw the OLED display "memory test" and it would refuse to even begin POSTing. I tried each of my four memory sticks and one known good stick pulled from a running PC - same thing. I saw a post on Reddit suggesting removing m.2 drives, which I did, and the system booted up (with 1 stick of the original ram in D1). Weird. I powered off and plugged the other sticks back in. "Memory test" again.

I had an urge to test something, so I simply unseated the GPU and toggled the PSU power - the error cleared itself! I booted the Windows installer and installed Windows on a RAID array using the m.2_1 and m.2_2 positions on the board. Post-install reboot worked fine and I'm in Windows. I powered off the system via the start menu and as soon as the power clicked off I saw "memory code 00" for a moment before "memory test" came back.

That's where I am now. Presumably my system works just fine, but any time I actually do a full power-off of the system, the oled displays "memory test" and won't power on. If I unplug the gpu, switch on the PSU (I don't even have to power on the system and begin POSTing, just switching on power at the PSU does it), cut power, plug the GPU back in, and reconnect power, I can boot just fine. I'm in the middle of a memtest86 run and I'm currently waiting on test #10 of pass #1 and I don't have any errors. I'll continue to run memtest to completion and then boot into Windows for a CPU test.

I spoke with ASUS support and it didn't go well - the chat agent spent a few minutes making sure I had plugged in my memory correctly and then advised that I return the board the Newegg. The replacement is out for delivery tonight so I'm hopeful that it'll be fixed.

Image of the oled error is attached. Yes I know the memory is in slot D2 in that picture - I was testing the various slots when I took it.


This only happens when the system powers off (either via windows shutdown or a power button press when in the BIOS. Once this happens, switching on the system power will only cause the LEDs and OLED screen to light up. The power button is unresponsive. I can unseat my gpu and toggle the power on/off to clear the error.

I saw that 1003 was just released as well, though the links are pulled from the support site.

Level 8
Unfortunately I do not have a fix for this issue yet, just have been working around this issue for the time being by not letting it enter low power states. I'll be adding a custom loop soon, so I'll probably test and see if it still is borked at that time.

I know its been a year, anyone got solution for this issue?
Where is RichardNixon and Makaha?
Did you guys fix your problem? Or had to RMA the mobo?

I'm having similar problem, "Memory Code 00 > Memory Test" show on LED and DRAM LED lit.
Clear CMOS, reset BIOS, reflash BIOS, take out CMOS battery, all does not work.
Removed everything and try to boot the motherboard:-
1. CPU LED is lit
2. Insert CPU, DRAM LED is lit with Memory Code 00
3. Insert 1 RAM (tried all DIMM sockets), DRAM LED is lit with Memory Code 00

Seems like it is stucked in this "Memory Code 00" error, no way to get pass it.
This happen when I'm trying to add DIMM M.2.
First time insert this DIMM M.2, it giving this error.
Now I'm stucked with this error.

Motherboard - ROG Crosshair VIII Extreme

Conclusion - Went to Asus centre and they found out BIOS was stucked/corrupted, replaced new motherbord

2023, same issue with Asus ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha ! Never again asus, this is what I know. So much time lost ! It's a joke and it's a bad one !

Had the mb for 2 years just last month, then got hit with this same issue, now that's a joke, not sure if asus will still rma it.

the Asus support doesn't provide fix for bent pins even it's still on guarantee. They even lost my original box (yes, they had this clause that they can do it, but I thought it's rather an exception when it is lost by them).

They don't offer even any service to pay for it, in case of bent pins (I had an issue after mounting EKWB Momentum water block, which seems to have an issue with mounted screws (which bend easly), once due to the fact of having 2 additional screws (belong to EKWB water block) mounted on the back of the motherboard which 'jumps out' when unmounting them when we forget about them and first unscrew all screws on the front side, this caused probably imbalance (bent screws) when mounting the processor and squized the socket, somehow EKWB stopped producing this water block, curious why).

Where is their proffesionalism or support for their products ?

I spent so many hours to fix this ******ty sTRX4 socket ! A microscope helped.

For additional somehow somewhere I lost one capacitor (I don't know when and where it happened, maybe even when the package with my motherboard was transported, they returned it in so unprofessional way ! And besides it took them 1 month to say they can't fix pins 🙂 and for addition the capacitor was damaged). Later when I asked Asus about value of the capacitor they said it's confidential information. Imagine that. 1 small capacitor and they couldn't say ! ohh yes, one guy said he will provide, few weeks later someone else said, no we can.

For me they are ash.les, nothing more. It's an image of asus company

The design of this motherbards, even it has so many features, is really bad ! It doesnt detect and communicate properly errors.

For me their prices are not proportional to their products. But ok. At least I know how to bite it next time and what to buy 🙂

Had the motherboard for 2 years just last month, then i got hit with this problem, you think asus could still be willing to rma the mb? This is so frustrating.

Level 8
Problem still manifests on updated 2021 bios.

Level 8
I can't run my memory at 3200 with docp, but letting it run at 2666 after a clear cmos will let it boot. It is annoying that I have to do a clear cmos after a cold boot but it "works" now. I'm using F4-3200C16Q-128GVK, which is explicitly in the QVL, and I still have these issues.

Level 8

My guy you found a solution? Could you please share, appreciated.