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Making use (again) of the onboard U.2 / Mini SAS 🤓

Level 8
I have been using this motherboard (Zenith Extreme) since it's early days and updating the BiOS to official builds whenever an update was release, currently using 1701 (February 2019).


However, for the past few months (possibly more), I have not been able to use the U.2 port regardless of PCiE speeds I set in the BiOS. I was previously able to fully use 4x SSD's attached via a Mini SAS SFF-8643 cable. However, like I said, this no longer works since updating a while ago and I'm wondering why? :confused:

Have the port been disabled in more recent BiOS builds? Do I need to change something in the BiOS to accommodate for a BiOS change? :confused:

Currently in the PCiE slots:

  • 16_1 x160 (RTX 2080Ti)
  • 8_2 Raid (empty due to the size of the above GPU)
  • 16_3 Raid (1G LAN)
  • 4_4 Raid (a cheap 2x NVME Controller)

Sorry if I have missed to include a specific detail or not explained my problem well, but please just ask, as I really would like to know if I'm doing something wrong (again) or even give up on this board sooner that I thought (...and i have not used the Asus/ROG forum in years, so I'm probably posting this all wrong too :rolleyes:)

Thanks for you time and feel free to add me on Steam if you are London based and enjoy a 'wide range' of gaming too 😉

Fun regards,
FazZ 😛