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Let the Games Begin: The infamous ACPI 15 Application Popup Error Event...

Level 7

Level 7
Armory Crate is a buggy mess... with installed AC i run into errors with tm5 memorytest
and this was on a Intel 12900KS.

Lets hope that AI Suite 3 is more stable because its needed to controll the fan extender card
which is included on the ZE Alpha II.

I would test the system with Karhu RamTest, HCI MemTest Pro v7, and via Linux GSAT.
Never used MemTest86+ for testing RAM (i do often RAM OC on Intel System).

I'am running 256GB G.Skill 3.600 CL16 ram and hope its running stable,
but in the event logger i can see a few errors and warnings

But bios 1603 is buggy as hell for my system - with this bios my system crashes during win 11 install!
So goinig back to 1502 no problems so far..

(but i am testing if the system is 100% stable).

Level 7
Ok, I think modifying the voltages helps. I'll post my settings later.

However, it now appears that the RAM is getting too hot (under full load, even with heat spreaders), causing WHEA errors. I'm ordering a new case, and I'm going to install RAM fans to help cool it. The Ryujin II 360 appears insufficient in cooling capacity.

I'm also ordering a new PSU, Corsair 1600 watt, as I've read that this board is very touchy when it comes to voltages.

And I'm replacing the Mushkin 8TB NVME drives with Sabrent versions.