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Issues with fans / q-fan / temperatures

Level 7
I'll try and keep this as short as possible for your reading pleasure 😉

Built a 1950x / zenith extreme rig week ago, updated bios to 0503 and the oled thing to 1.00.10.
Things seemed stable and good untill just few hours ago.

Booted up the pc, started a video encoding job on Handbrake.
The processing semed to be taking a very long time so i check the cpu usage, that was down to 15% and cpu speed only around 1GHz - 1,5GHz.
Started HW Monitor, wich did not show 2 out of the 3 fans i have in the case.

Opened the case and notice that CPU and case-intake fans are not spinning at all. not even twitching.
The CPU fan was set for standard or silent in bios q-fan, and chassis2 fan was runnin a manual curve. both had been like so for several days w/o problems.

Touched the CPU heatsink (noctua 14 with TR4 heatspreader), and its veeeery hot.
Internal OLED screen says cpu temp to be 128 celcius!?! CPU was not overclocked at the time.
Quickly check ryzen master, that seemed to be reporting 68 celcius temps. (not sure wich one wrong, maybe both).

Hit reset on mobo and after a while the fans start up again, after post the BIOS tells me CPU over temperature. (did not check oled at this time)
I wait a moment and go to bios setup, that is already saying temps under 50 celcius and dropping down to steady 29-31 idle.

Boot up Windows, update bios to 0603 and the OLED thing to 1.100.13.

Fans seem to be working after several boots and handbrake jobs.. but it has only been a few hours now, so remains to be seen how reliable it is..

not too happy with the mobo overall yet, having slight issues with q-fan manual setting curves too; for some fans the curves always reset to defaults even with the latest bios.

Glorious flagship product indeed. Sigh.

Level 7
Run fan calibration from the BIOS.

Saturn7 wrote:
Run fan calibration from the BIOS.

The fan curves i had set for the fans in question were giving more than ennough power for them to startup properly, as i had not changed the fan settings after i initially set them up over a week ago. This thread was more of a FYI, and not "i need help".

I have now set the fans to full speed in bios and used a few noctuas LNA's where needed. If i have any more problems like this, ill just have to hook up the fans directly to PSU, that way any mobo bugs wont be a problem.

I had the same issues and switching to 603 made a difference
- I hit my clear cmos then edited the fans only directly in bios
- saved that profile (in the asus oc thing) and when ever I play with a new bios I don't have reconfigure or fight the asus ai suit, I just load the fan profile

*I have noctua NF-12 3000 PWM fans
and some dumb thermaltake pwm fans that also did the same thing

same here
asus rog strix x399-gaming + amd TR 1950x