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Issue With Start Up Time? Windows Logon Doesnt Display for 5 Minutes.

Level 7
I am having a issue not sure what really is the problem. When I only have one monitor plugged in, the start up is normal but when I add my other 2 monitors the start up seems to go "offline" for 5 minutes. I noticed my keyboard lights turn off and all my monitors say "NO SIGNAL" and after about 5 minutes I hear the DING the monitors make signaling that it received a signal and the windows logon screen shows.

I DDU to uninstall the drivers and tried multiple different version of the nvidia drivers (I have a 1050ti) tried just installing drivers, tried installing everything, tried just nvidia panel and drivers only etc.

Level 7
Do you at anypoint see a message that says, BVIOS Failed on the MB LED Display?