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Flare X 8x8GB 3200Mhz CAS 14 - would this work?

Level 7
At the moment I have Zenith Extreme, 2990WX and 4 x 8GB RAM from G.Skill (3200MHz CAS 14). These

*I was thinking of expanding my RAM from 32GB to 64GB by utilizing the remaining four empty RAM slots.
Would there be any drawbacks if I decided to do so?
Would it even work? I went to RAM configurator on G.Skill site, and there’s no combination to have 8x8GB so I am not sure if my board is not supporting it or AMD has some kind of limitation. Any thoughts, please?
My plan is to run it at 3200 MHz with CAS 14, the same way I do it now with four sticks, but could live with a tad lower frequency if needed, just not sure how noticeable the speed reduction would be.