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Dimm.2 -> Any performance issues / limitations using it on a Zenith II Extreme Alpha?

Level 7
Just a quick post to ask if there are any limitations / performance issues to using the Dimm.2 module on a Zenith II Extreme Alpha motherboard.

I know that using certain M.2 slots means certain things are disabled, but I cannot recall if this is so for the Dimm.2 module.

Additionally, does it actually function at PCIE 4.0 x4? I'm thinking of picking up a pair of these ( and giving it a try if they actually resolve that ACPI 15 problem...

Level 8
Want to know too.. using already an Asus Hyper Card with 4x Samsung 970pro / and 2x 970 pro onboard.

The slot on the back is free. Now i'am thinking to adding the Dimm.2 card too.