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Zenith II Extreme Alpha - SATA Ports

I just finished a build with an Zenith II Extreme Alpha. I have two M.2 SSDs mounted in the two slots on the motherboard. I also have a 12TB hard drive connected to the motherboard via a SATA cable. (No RAID.)My question is: Which of the 8 SATA po...

Zenith II Extreme Alpha - CPU Fan Error

Brand new build. Just turned it on for the first time. I got the following error message:CPU Fan Error!Press F1 to Run SetupThere are no details as to the nature of the fan error. I’m using a Corsair H115i Platinum liquid CPU cooler. The two fans...

Zernith II Extreme Alpha Bios problems.

I've been having a problem with my Zenith II Extreme Alpha's bios and outside of RMAing the board I'm out of ideas on what I can do to fix the issue.The problem is that any BIOS change that I make and save via F10 results in the machine rebooting and...

Max pcie cards this board can support?

I'm trying to figure out how many pcie cards I can slot into the board. Looking at it it looks like I could fit between 3 to 4 of these compute units I'm looking to add. The wrx80 would be ideal. Is there anyway to add five pcie 3.0 compute unit card...

Can enter BIOS

I received my replacement Zenith II Extreme Alpha motherboard. This is board number FIVE. There is no doubt Asus has a problem with this board as my luck is not that bad. In the past the boards would startup and work for a few days than fail wit...

pcmoder by Level 7
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Zenith II Extreme Alpha EATX12V connectors

Hello all,One qustion...which cable should I use to connect the EATX12V_3 6-pin connector ?Will an 8-pin EPS plug fit, leaving out the last two pins ?It look like there is only 8-pin or 4-pin EPS type of plugs...Thanks

Swiso by Level 8
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