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RAM slot stuck on RGB rainbow only.

After SW update on Armory Crate one of the RAM slots is stuck on RGB and does not change regardless of the settings.I have tried to rotate the ram but it seems it's a Motherboard issue, cause problem does not move with RAM.What is the problem ?

macmus by Level 7
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Importance of removing extra EATX standoff.

When I installed the board I did not remove the top middle EATX standoff from the case. The Enthoo Elite is setup for 9 screws by default. Looking at pictures of the back of the board it does not look like any component exists there that could cause...

Asus Rog Zenith Extreme Ram Problems

My PcAsus Rog Zenith extreme with last bios updateThreadriper 1950x2 set ofRAM CORSAIR CMW32GX4M4C3000C15 VENGEANCE RGB PRO 32GB (4X8GB) DDR4 3000MHZtotal 64GB ram.I have the pc almost 3 years and never succed to go to 3000MHZ. Always stack so i used...

Can't enter ROG Zenith Exteme Alpha bios menu

Back when everything was working fine, entering the bios went like this:Power onSplash screen (hit del)Blank screen with a cursor in the upper left (lasted 3-6 seconds) Bios menuWhat I have now:Power onSplash screen (hit del)Blank screen with a curso...

Are the 8 pin and 6 pin power plugs required?

I'm using the Dimm .2 slot with one nvme drive, overclocking a 64 core cpu, a low power graphics card, and overclocking the ram. I just have 1 SATA disk attached.Is EATX12V_1, EATX12V_2, and EATX12V_3 all required? Is it possible to get away with not...

Question about BIOS 1402 on Zenith II Extreme

Hi all,Hoping I can get a few opinions on the BIOS 1402 for the Z2E motherboard. I'm running a 3990X CPU on it, and still have BIOS version 07xx installed. I've been reluctant to upgrade the BIOS as I previously read user experiences of it appearing ...

Unable to enter ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha BIOS Setup Menu

I have performed every step in ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha’s Chapter 3, BIOS Setup, Pg 3-2 and am unable to get into the BIOS Setup Menu after upgrading BIOS from 1402 to 1502 “Successfully”.Windows 10 Pro is installed on Drive C: (Samsung Pro 980 2T...

drhlis by Level 7
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