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Ram issue

Recently decided to reseat an repaste my system, along with reseating ram just cause recent game issues I've had. Reseated ram first, no fix, went for the repaste/seat and had error Ad and 0d (varied upon reseating cpu numerous times) Started removi...

Zenith Extreme II Alpha Load VGA Bios

Hello, the computer was working perfectly fine. Then one-day wifi wasn't working. I restarted and when it came back up, it wouldn't post nor could i get to the bios. First the board said cmos error, then after clearing cmos (with the button) then it ...

X399 Strix New Bios

Was nice to see Asus released a new bios for the strix, but sucks the zenith extreme seems for gotten about, and how about throw us a bone asus, and unlock resizeable bar please..

Zenith II Extreme Alpha HDD Code 02, CMOS Error

Hey everyone, I’m having an issue with my pc boot right now. The last few days whenever I start my PC for the first time in the morning after shut down the previous evening it throws the following error: “Reboot and select Proper Boot device”.If I ma...

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