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System/CPU Fan's randomly get pegged to 100%.

After booting the system, system and cpu fans randomly all get pegged to 100% after a couple of hours while the system is idling. When I go into fan expert, it shows that the fans are all running at max rpm but the dot on the graph is above the setti...

Saturn7 by Level 7
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LIveDash not displaying anything

It seems when i watch a video on builds with this board, the LiveDash should automatically start working as soon as it posts. but mine doesn't come up at all. my screen isn't active, and using the LiveDash software does nothing either. Is there a set...

Which LAN Driver + USB Keeps Disconnecting

Hi (please ignore my idiot forum name),I've got two issues, help is appreciated.1. Which LAN driver do I install? There's 3 options: https://i.imgur.com/CNSNbAb.png(Image didn't paste here unfortunately, sorry). 2. My USB keyboard (Corsair K95) keeps...

CPU fan for DIMM 2 slot?

For those using the DIMM2 slot: Did you install an external fan on top of it? The manual is woefully vague about this feature.

Dimm.2 Question

Does the DIMM.2 card work with Sata 6Gbps M.2 drives or does it just work with NVMe drives?I have a X400 SSD m2. 2280 256GB that will not show up in BIOS, I want to use as a scratch disk.https://www.sandisk.com/business/computing/x400

Av8tor2 by Level 7
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Another Dimm.2 question

Bios does not report dimm.2 installed in any page except boot manager. *It does boot OK. *Is this a known bug or am I missing something?I have tried all the bios versions up to 2260*

pdyer62 by Level 7
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will a capacitor not stamped down cause me issues ?

This is my second board first one was rma because the box cut into the IO shield my new board has a capacitor (im assuming its a capacitor) that isn't seated correctly by the ram there is also a few pins at the bottom for jumpers that were soldered a...

Cory29 by Level 7
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