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CPU Voltage?

On auto, voltage is consistently over 1.4v and idling temps are higher (32c+) even at stock frequency. When applying the 4Ghz profile, voltage is consistently under 1.4v and temps are lower (19c-27c). I tried manually setting the CPU Voltage to 1.3...

RGB led burned out after uefi update

Every uefi update after 503 with 1.00.13 has set the voltage for the rgbs that are not individually lit to beyond max voltage and has burnt out some of the rgb's in a few of the strips I haveclearing cmos dose not fix the issueI can jump up and down ...

Cory29 by Level 7
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Code 92 Load VGA BIOS?

Guys, I searched and didn't find anything on this topic for this board. I loaded the 4Ghz profile and now seeing this code on the display, what does it mean?The computer booted up and running fine. Thanks!

Zenith Extreme CMOS errors

I'm running BIOS 0503Everything was working stable until a few minutes ago when I turned my machine on. It's POSTS and then locks up and displays CMOS error on the display. I tried getting into the bios update them but can't. How do I use the USB to ...

Linux KVM and PCIe passthrough

Build,Zenith Extreme 1950x64GB ram6TB storageGTX 1080RX 480GT 720PCIe USB card.The goal of my build is to host KVMs. Fedora 26 as the host with two Windows 10 VMs one getting the GTX 1080 and the other getting RX 480. Of course I'd like to them to...

Slow RAM write/read/copy/latency

Am struggling with a mem issues with my new build. Basically, AIDA64 is giving very slow mem speeds and latency: Mem read: 68344 ; Mem write: 82664; Mem copy: 69897; Mem latency: 103.2ms.Please would anyone have any ideas?Build details:Threadripper 1...

Dafadau by Level 7
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Zentih extreme x399 new buold cant get into bios

Please help...I built a new pc.. I hit the start button it turns on but it wont let me use my keyboard to get into bios so it shuts down after 15 sec. My keyboard lights up so I know its on... I'm also getting a code 55 post error.. i have tried boo...

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