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32gb corsair vengeance 4 sticks wont work

right iv brought 8x4 32gb ram ddr4 corsair vengeance quad channel kit as i was using dual channel 32gb and only 2x16 as didnt have enough for quad until now i have the Tried Placing the 4 In the Lighter Slots as the manual sugguests didnt work the p...

dusty459 by Level 7
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Sata bootable raid h3lp

I am comming from an old x79 board, I have the raid dine in bios but can not get Win 10 to recognise the drives on install, what am i doing wrong, have tried to follow the theads and looked everywhere i could think of over the last 3 days, any help w...

Shiv3 by Level 7
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Aura lighting / Aura Sync on Zenith Extreme MOBO

any idea where the controls for the aura / aura sync lighting are? I've scoured the BIOS and tried a few installs, the latest being "Lighting_Control_1.05.25" found in a different thread within this ROG forum... but that just crashes. I have a zeni...

jwh12 by Level 7
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Bios 0804

Is any one using this?? hoping it helps to get the speed up with 8 dimms populated. anyone know why the agesa is so old??

Zenith RAM issue (Ram is on QVL)and Raid 1 question

Hey guys!I was building my new PC and I am using F4-3200C16Q-32GTZR RAM which is on the QVL. However, I cant get any of the 4 sticks to work on the right side. After spending a lot of time and checking them one by one. I was able to run all four on t...


There would appear that there is a bug in regards to RAID and BIOS. I contacted tech support about this and they couldn't resolve it and promised that engineers would contact me, I have 3 open tickets in regards to this and none of the engineers ever...


The OLED display (LiveDash) never worked on my board and the AURA lighting never remembers its setting and needs to be reset after every reboot.Any ideas? I have the latest AURA firmware and running the 804 UEFI.

USB Type C port Dead?

The first time I used this port, plugging the cable into my phone, the OS froze but the port still works after a reboot. Now, it's completely dead, what do i need to check? This motherboard has random issues, from CPU errors, to RAM, to VGA BIOS et...