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81C CPU temp 1950X @ 1.325V

Hello,I have issues with my setup with very high temperatures on a moderate overclock and will appreciate any help.System setup:Mobo: Asus Zenith Extreme X399CPU: AMD Threadripper 1950xRAM: 8x8 GB G-Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-3200 CL-14Video: SLI 2 x N...

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injurer by Level 7
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Right-Angled 4-Pin Power Molex Cable

Might I suggest to Asus that they ship this board with a right-angled 4-pin power molex cable? I popped the board into a SuperMicro case, and it's practically flush up against the wall (near the bottom of the board), making this cable a necessity...a...

Zenith Extreme, 1950x and 128GB RAM. Wont post!

I have a Zenith Extreme motherboard and a 1950x Threadripper. I purchased a 128GB Corsair PC3000 Memory kit (CMK128GX4M8B3000C16 ) from NewEgg that according to them, was compatible with Threadripper. Bottom line is if all 8 modules are installed, th...

IM3CPO by Level 7
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128GB for Extreme mobo at 3200Mhz, possible?

Am running BIOS 801 for stability, though just checked and it seems the latest 'official' is 804.Considering purchase of new 128GB DIMM kit1- Is it possible to reach 3200Mhz or higher with 128GB RAM?2- Any specific recommendations other than the pref...

OLED not working.

Hello, I just configured but board and upon first boot the OLED display is not working; I tried checking the cable connections but it seems to be okay. Aura LED strip on the shroud works as it should. So far the board has not any other issues and to ...