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Nvme Raid, Win 1703, blue screen on installing driver

HiI’m putting together a build on a zenith extreme, 1950x, two Samsung 960 Pro in Raid 1, four Samsung 850 Pro in Raid 10. Bios version is 0801 (0804 does not show the option to enable nvme raid). I was able to configure the raid volumes and install ...

ASUS Zenith Incorrect CPU Temp

Hello, I just noticed that the information provided by the CPU temperature sensor from my motherboard are quite incorrect, unless I am missing something... this is what is being reported by hwmonitor and check the CPU temperatures; of course the CPU ...


4k mkv read with the 1950 and 1080 ti

can anyone readk mkv file here ? i wanted to check the performance of my build so i "acquired" a 2160p video file.its on my 960 pro, using the m.2 port, since asus has REALLY bad bios i can't run it faster than x4i have 64 giga of ram and a 1080 tibu...

Any help with this diagnosis would be helpful.

My system was running for 3 weeks with mo problems that I couldn't attribute to Windows 10. now I cant get it to boot and it getting no error code and no beep code. i have included the led indicators just in case that helps ... look at the video belo...

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u804 - Zenith extreme Fan Xpert 4 issues

Hi Guys,First time posting, but long time lingering.Specs and high level config: - Ryzen 1950 @ 3.7Ghz (eazy tune overclock)- Enermax TR360 AIO cooler.- Corsair AI1500 X power supply.- 64gb kit of G.Skills RGB Trident 3200 CL14 ram.- 2 X NVidia Asus ...

QFan CPU Problem running constantly @ 100 %

Hello, I've done all sorts of turning, manual configuration etc but when I leave my computer idle for long periods of time (say hours) while displays etc are powered off my fans start to ramp up and are pegged @ 100 % while my computer does nothing....