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128GB working kits with Zenith Extreme and 1950X

Hi there, Could someone recommend me 128gb kits that ACTUALLY work with this mobo and 1950X? I am about to buy the 128GB TridentZ RGB DDR4 3600 kit but I don't know for sure if it's working. Does anyone have the 128GB TridentZ RGB kit or other 128GB ...

erefer by Level 7
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How Do I Know The Temps Are Accurate?

This is ryzen master and coretemp both reflect the same,I am wondering I been reading through threads here and people are compainling about wrong temps etc, well made me wonder how do I know if my temps are accurate or not?

Gather around I have a story to tell...

I should start with expressing my love of ASUS but i won't.... we all know their hardware is the shyt so i don't need to reiterate. I decided i deserved a great system. The perfect mix of Power and Functionality. And i hear of this thing called Threa...

GODCIN by Level 7
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Gaming Errors, Is is ThreadRipper Related

I am getting a lot of crashes when I play COD WWII. I have not played this game on a Intel based PC just my ThreadRipper. I will get random crashes back to the desktop (no error message), I will get Direct X errors, and I will also get a file unpac...

Can't Update Chipset

Just updated my BIOS to 0902 on my Asus Zenith Extreme. Saw there was a new version of the chipset driver 17.40, but received the following error trying to install it:"OS is booted onto the NvMe volume and upgrading the driver will make the drive un...

ApolloX by Level 7
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Raid 0

I dont know if this problem is with the windows kb4054022 fix or why its on my setup when i dont run intel but my benchmarks on read and write are worse than one drive. both samsung 960 pros.and befor the update the scores wern't that great just a...

Technical explaination of PCIE dipswitches?

Curious feature of this board are the dipswitches that supposedly disable individual PCIe slots. Does anyone know how exactly they do that? Is it the card boots but is thrown in some kind of sleep or does it physically remove power from the device?...