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Zenith Extreme 1950X freezing at stock speeds

Hi all,I am not yet overclocking anything, but I'm having problems stable at stock speeds and running the ram at 2133, but I don't think the memory is the problem. I have run memtest86 on the RAM over night with no problems.SetupWindows 10 Pro x64Asu...

Rawk01 by Level 7
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X399-E instability. New BIOS available?

Hello, we have built a Linux render farm with 8 Strix X399-E machines, and we're encountering instability issues. The issues are rare enough that it's difficult to track down the cause, but given that the latest X399-E BIOS is quite old, we'd like ...

Zenith Extreme Raid NVME + Raid SATA

Hi,I'm building my new PC and gets stuck with this problemIs it possible to have both NVME RAID & SATA RAID enabled at the same time ?I have no problems making sata raid, or nvme raid, but when I enable both NVME raid and SATA raid at the same time, ...

boot problem

Hi,When I disconnect and reconnect the power, the motherboard retest and power off the system before booting normally. This happens on default bios settings. I also tried to manually set ram timings and voltage. I do not have extra add-in cards. My C...

Max85 by Level 7
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No Boot - Code 94 Test NVRAM

Hello Everyone, I have a problem with my Zenith Extreme Motherboard, It won't boot and give me ( Code 94 Test NVRAM) and stops at the white led in the booting sequence Leds. I tried TR 1950X - TR 1900 and with the same problem. Bios Version: 0902I tr...

Biego by Level 7
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Slow boot and wake times

Hi, does anyone else experience slow boot times as well a longer than usual wake up times with the Asus Zenith Extreme x399 mobo and AMD Threadripper CPUs? This is the first build I'm experiencing that and it just looks like it takes a long time to ...

Zenith Extreme Stock Voltage

I was looking for some info on stock voltage on the Zenith ExtremeBIOS 0902I have good cooling so I presume the CPU is kind of free to do it's full boost thing etc. but I am wondering about the voltage it seems happy to supply itselfIs this normal/sa...