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Waterblock sensor

Hi,Just picked up this board. I've searched on this forum and online, but i have not been able to find anyone sellign a cpu block or water block with this connector? anyone?Seems like a very clever idea, and simple!

NorySS by Level 7
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USB - C to HDMI ?

Hey I was wondering if USB-C to HDMI can workI have a dongle and I can see it and the usb 3.0 ports attached to it but It cant see the HDMImaybe the driver doesn't support this ?

Cory29 by Level 7
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[ZE] Issues with NVMe Boot-able Raid

First, This is brand new build. Second, I have updated my BIOS to v902Third, I have read amd-raid-quick-start-guide.pdfI have enabled Raid in Adv -> SATA Config. I have also enabled NVMe Raid in Adv -> AMD PBS. I restarted the system RAIDXpert2 Tool...

P state Overclocking

Guys, is there anyone out there that can give me a walkthrough guide on PState overclocking so I can get my 1920 to downclock when it’s not doing anything, many thanks for any reply’s*

Wifi disconnects upon PC wakeup

Hello all,Has anyone else experienced this issue and found a solution?I use the wifi adapter that was provided with my Zenith Extreme motherboard. When my PC wakes up from sleep, I have to disconnect and reconnect the wifi to get connected to the in...

PCIE LANE Switch Illuminated

Hello,My board has me confused the pcie lane switch on my board is illuminated, yet its populated and posting normally, i have seen other boards posting normally without this bright orange led illuminated constantly any reason its doing this?bios is ...