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X399-E Realtek Audio Console not working

I installed the latest driver for the realtek from asus support page. This did install Realteks Audio console, witch tells me there thats my device is not supported. Is there any way to get this work? I am not able to configure my audio otherwise.

ROG STRIX x399-E Won't boot on cold start

If I have a power failure, my ROG STRIX x399-E will not boot unless I push the PWR_SW. Once I push it, everything is fine. I can reboot using the front-panel RESET button. It's a pain having to open the case and push the power switch. Any suggestions...


Hi all. I know it may be a bad place but as I'm the owner of 2x Asus Zenith II Ex Alpha and 1x Zenith II Ex and the subject is about the only way to get an upgrade for new Threadrippers like 5995WX. We all know AMD abandoned sTRX40 but they released ...

ASUS Zenith II Extreme USB C Gen2x2 copy problem

I bought new external nvme enclosure 20Gbps and put in it 2TB nvme. my problem is when copying from the external to the internal vnme it will not work. I looked at task manager, when I start the copy process the external drive is at 100% utilization ...

chemcup by Level 7
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Where to purchase

I am looking to purchase a zenith ii extreme alpha board in the USA, but can't find a new board anywhere. Does anyone have any extra ones available or know where I can purchase one?

Zenith Extreme Code 00 "Detecting Memory"

I have the following build: MB Asus Zenith ExtremeRAM Corsair Vengeance Blue LED 64GB DDR4 3000MHz CL15 Quad Channel Kit - CMU64GX4M4C3000C15BGPU Titan X (x2)PSU Seasonic Platinum 1050WCPU Threadripper 1950X Lost my fingertips last night putting ever...

ciokan by Level 7
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