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OLED Panel Displying Code "C0"

Hey everyone,I scanned a lot pages hoping to a find thread similar to my subject. If there is one already, sorry about that I don't know when this started happening but for a while I didn't have to restart my PC from Windows environment nor enter BI...

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Trouble with install CPU to TR4 socket

First I installed TR4-CPU by user's manual: insert CPU and tights each socket screw to the stop in order 1 > 2 > 3. First 1 screw to the stop, then 2, then 3 (like on AMD official's video: https://youtu.be/d0IbxYyN1Dg)First time did not working all D...

Is it Wise to Buy Extreme Zenith?

Hi there,I want to build a system with Threadripper and Extreme Zenith but now I'm starting to have second thoughts...The reason is that I need a rock solid system that works 24/7 with no problems such as random short hangs, freezings or reboots etc....

erefer by Level 7
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P-State OC

EDIT: 1920X and 1900X P-State OC does not work across multiple motherboard vendors and multiple BIOSes so it's an AMD thing that they SHOULD be working on. I'm waiting to hear back from them.Does the P stand for P'd off?Vid you do this Arne? Did you ...

Zenith Extreme DIMM2 riser

I think I already know the answer to this but I have to be sure. will this only take an "M" key m.2 or can it take a "B" key also? I really hope i haven't made a horrible mistake...

Ojiisan by Level 7
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ROG Front Base compatibility

Hi,I noticed that the Zenith Extreme has a ROG_EXT connection. Its manual says "This connector is for the OC Panel I/II". Now this leaves me hanging because I like dthe ROG Front Base more than the OC Panel II, but the manual says nothing about it. W...

CX_gamer by Level 8
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No Post with Raid Controller Card / addon PCIe

Hi,The board don´t boot with my LSI 9650SE ML16 card, no matter wich slot i use.Error Message CODE: 07 NVRAM Edit: now it is CODE:92 Test NVRAMWith my Intel 4port lan card the same.:confused:Sorry for Bad English i am from Germany....

Zenith Extreme Code: 30 Check CPU

Hey guys,I am running the following buildZenith Extreme Bios 0503ThreadRipper 1950xAsus 1080 ti Poseidon Coursair Dominator 64gig 3000mhz - About to swap for Trident Z RGBWindows 10 pro + AI SuitThe computer POSTS but after around a half hour the boa...

bstory32 by Level 7
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