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ROG Front Base compatibility

Hi,I noticed that the Zenith Extreme has a ROG_EXT connection. Its manual says "This connector is for the OC Panel I/II". Now this leaves me hanging because I like dthe ROG Front Base more than the OC Panel II, but the manual says nothing about it. W...

Zenith Extreme Code: 30 Check CPU

Hey guys,I am running the following buildZenith Extreme Bios 0503ThreadRipper 1950xAsus 1080 ti Poseidon Coursair Dominator 64gig 3000mhz - About to swap for Trident Z RGBWindows 10 pro + AI SuitThe computer POSTS but after around a half hour the boa...

bstory32 by Level 7
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OLED and AURA issues

I seem to have an issue with the onboard OLED not working and not being able to control addressable strips in AURA.OLED - Does not come on at all. Have cleared CMOS, re-installed windows. Tried re-installing firmware, to the latest, but it says it'...

Bykski A-Ryzen-Th-X / Bykski A-Ryzen-ThV2-X

Purchased from Aliexpress, on visual inspection seems like was worth the wait coming from far east . This should be an improvement over the EK-Supremacy EVO Threadripper Edition.RGB is not my cup of time but the store that had the best price sold t...

gupsterg by Level 13
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