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ROG Zenith Extreme advice please

Howdy Folks, just a quick question. I'm really stumped at this point, having ram issues ( G. SKills F43000C-14Q-32GTZ) will only run in the first 2 gray dimms closest to the atx power plugs. I have re-seated my cpu (1900x) twice, verified that my p...

Buy Zenith Extreme today or wait for X499?

As title.It seems that AMD is going to launch X499 on January, does it have sense in buying X399 now?Will X499 bring PCI Express gen 4?I don't understood if X499 will be launched to be a newer chipset for the current Threadripper gen 2 or for the nex...

Zenith Extreme BIOS 1003

Version 10032018/05/04ROG ZENITH EXTREME BIOS 10031. Update AGESA Code to Global C-States can only be set in Enabled or Auto mode. Do not update to BIOS 1003 if you wish to set Global C-state to "Disabled".https://www.asus.com/uk/Motherb...

Issues with fans / q-fan / temperatures

I'll try and keep this as short as possible for your reading pleasure Built a 1950x / zenith extreme rig week ago, updated bios to 0503 and the oled thing to 1.00.10.Things seemed stable and good untill just few hours ago.Booted up the pc, started a ...

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