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Help with air overclock

Hey everybody I have a Noctua 140mm Tr4 cooler and wanted to get a 3.8-3.9 all core overclock with some low voltages if possible. Also Have a DOCP for 3200mhz memory.Wondering if anyone could help me in the right direction. I don't over clock much. s...

Turning Off/Controlling the VRM fan?

Hi all, as the title states, I'm looking for a way to turn off or control the VRM fan on the Zenith Extreme. It's extremely loud in an otherwise silent system and it's too much to just ignore. If anyone has any information on this, that would be fant...

Enad1 by Level 7
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Zenith Extreme Beta UEFI 0901

From Elmor:Beta BIOS 0901 http://www.mediafire.com/file/8tp9l0...-ASUS-0901.zipHave not tested this extensively, let me know how it works for you.- AGESA Fan fixes from 0012- UEFI RAID driver updated (and hopefully back on track)Beta BIOS 08...

Raja by Level 13
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Anybody have luck with Win 7 Install?

Hi Everyone,Ive tried to install Win 7 Ultimate 64bit repeatedly with 17.30 drivers from AMD integrated and the minute the install pulls up my keyboard and mouse go dead. Ive all integrated the win 7 drivers thru ntlite no luck. I even tried the ryze...

Set PBO on 2950X throughBIOS

Hi,I'd like to set custom PBO values similar what I can do in Ryzen Master. I found the PBO settings in the BIOS and using Enabled work with some default presets. Now setting this to Manual, where values can be entered does nothing, unless I also set...

injurer by Level 7
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4 x 1080Ti BIOS configuration Zenith Extreme

Hey All,I have 4 x 1080Ti gpu's on a Zenith Extreme MB.After adding the two additional cards to the other two card that were already there I got a bios message that I should change something in the PCIE 8/4 settings, unfortunately I don't remember th...

Ginz001 by Level 7
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