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Wifi not working

Hello.I have a problem with my wifi, i have installed the antennas correctly according to the manual and the drivers but Windows can't find any networks at all.Bluetooth works fine though.I know my house network works since i have other computers wit...

Yockeren by Level 7
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USB 3.1 gen 2 ports shared?!

So it seems the 2 ports share controller, as having USB 3.1 gen 1 hub connected, with phone and calibration camera(not in use), to the A type port more than halved USB-C Hard drive write speed connected to the type C port. While connected to the hub ...

Wobbler by Level 7
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Memory ddr4 of 2666mhz and 3466MHz

Hello to the asus community, I've been trying to get my memories to run at the established speed, but it seems impossible. I have 2 64GB kitsCMD64GX4M4B3466C16 (Does not appear in the qvl)YCMU64GX4M4A2666C16 (It does not appear in the qvl, but corsai...

USB Ports Disabling/Dying during large file transfer

Hi folks, I'm currently on 1401 and Windows 10, and encountering an issue during large file transfers. I have (2) Inateck 2-bay hdd docks plugged into the 2 ports of the column of 4 USBs directly adjacent to the Wifi connectors. I am attempting a sim...

StudioJ by Level 7
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X399-E STRIX NVME RAID 0 Issue with 2950X

Hello,Tried to create bootable raid array with 2 ssds. When I wanted to install Win 1809 the array was not visible during the installation at the partition part after the raid drivers were loaded. The ssds were there, but as 2 different disks.Then tr...

gyiku by Level 7
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Here BIOS here (1601)

Here BIOS Herehttps://www.overclock.net/forum/11-amd-motherboards/1642825-asus-x399-rog-zenith-extreme-complaint-bug-tracking-thread-109.html#post27686048EDIT: NEW MODIFIED TO INCLUDE ASUS WMI version of 1601 see this posthttps://www.overclock.net/fo...


AUXIP Installation

Hello everyone,I've just built my first PC and am using the ROG Zenith Extreme motherboard. I ran into a glitch so I had to re-install windows. I plugged the USB that came with my motherboard into my case once more to re-install the drivers and utili...

Liquid Cooling Kits on AMD 1950X

Hey everyone,Just wondering on your thoughts on the liquid cooling kits available on the market for the AMD 1950X? I have Thermaltake's Water 3.0 Ultimate kit. At idle, depending on my room temperature, the cpu temperature's ranges from 29~34 degrees...

Retired by Not applicable
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