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Memory ddr4 of 2666mhz and 3466MHz

Hello to the asus community, I've been trying to get my memories to run at the established speed, but it seems impossible. I have 2 64GB kitsCMD64GX4M4B3466C16 (Does not appear in the qvl)YCMU64GX4M4A2666C16 (It does not appear in the qvl, but corsai...

X399-E STRIX NVME RAID 0 Issue with 2950X

Hello,Tried to create bootable raid array with 2 ssds. When I wanted to install Win 1809 the array was not visible during the installation at the partition part after the raid drivers were loaded. The ssds were there, but as 2 different disks.Then tr...

gyiku by Level 7
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Here BIOS here (1601)

Here BIOS Herehttps://www.overclock.net/forum/11-amd-motherboards/1642825-asus-x399-rog-zenith-extreme-complaint-bug-tracking-thread-109.html#post27686048EDIT: NEW MODIFIED TO INCLUDE ASUS WMI version of 1601 see this posthttps://www.overclock.net/fo...

AUXIP Installation

Hello everyone,I've just built my first PC and am using the ROG Zenith Extreme motherboard. I ran into a glitch so I had to re-install windows. I plugged the USB that came with my motherboard into my case once more to re-install the drivers and utili...

Liquid Cooling Kits on AMD 1950X

Hey everyone,Just wondering on your thoughts on the liquid cooling kits available on the market for the AMD 1950X? I have Thermaltake's Water 3.0 Ultimate kit. At idle, depending on my room temperature, the cpu temperature's ranges from 29~34 degrees...

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Help with air overclock

Hey everybody I have a Noctua 140mm Tr4 cooler and wanted to get a 3.8-3.9 all core overclock with some low voltages if possible. Also Have a DOCP for 3200mhz memory.Wondering if anyone could help me in the right direction. I don't over clock much. s...

Turning Off/Controlling the VRM fan?

Hi all, as the title states, I'm looking for a way to turn off or control the VRM fan on the Zenith Extreme. It's extremely loud in an otherwise silent system and it's too much to just ignore. If anyone has any information on this, that would be fant...

Enad1 by Level 7
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