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ROG Zenith Extreme problem with RAID and DVD

I have a ROG Zenith Extreme with firmware 0902 that I want to set up as follows:1. 2 M.2 SATA in RAID 1 configuration for my C:\ drive.2. 5 2 Tb drives as a Windows 10 storage space.3. 1 SATA DVD drive.When I turn on RAID on the MB, the DVD drive van...

g051051 by Level 7
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Cannot install windows via USB

Greetings everyone. This is probably a dumb issue, but I cannot seem to resolve it and I seem to have tinkered with every option in the bios.I have 4(!) different usb drives made by different manufacturers all loaded with windows 10 and my Zenith Ex...

about Strix X399-E Motherboard BIOS

Hello, I want to buy this motherboard. But there is an issue I worry about. I need to use an addon Raid controller pcie card, which is Adaptec 7805. Adaptec support says if there is an Interrupt 19 capture in BIOS, then the controller is compatible w...

Issue with my NVMe

right i have a Samsung 960 PRO 1TB M.2 2280 Internal SSDand im noticing it Slow i used Samsung magician and testedi just dont get why anyone having an issue?


ROG Zenith + 2950X + High Temps?

I'm new to these forums, so hi all!I've just built a new system around the Threadripper 2950X (not overclocked) and ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme motherboard (25th Dec). Apart from flashing the BIOS and setting the 64GB ram to 2666MHZ, the BIOS is pretty m...

BeedooX by Level 7
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Using the PCIE 16_3 on a single GPU config

The motherboard recommends using the first slot available but I would like to use the 3rd slot so I can see the ROG logo in all its glory.Since they are both 16 slots I would imagine there would not be performance loss, but since the bios says the 1s...


Hello Everyone,My end goal is to setup raid 0 for my two 500gig EVO NVME drive. I am using the 902 biosHere is what I have done so far after some research.Launch CSM: EnabledBoot Device Control: UEFI OnlyBoot from Network Devices: UEFI Driver First*B...

Windows on NVMe RAID 0 - safe?

I'm building a new system on Zenith Extreme, will run Windows 10. Got it all set up nicely, RAID works with Windows installed on it, but... I'm seeing a lot of people using a non-RAID storage for OS and then RAID arrays as a secondary storage. Why? A...