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Zenith II Extreme Alpha Restart Problem

I’m having a minor but annoying problem on one of my PCs. Zenith II Extreme Alpha motherboard, AMD Threadripper 3970x, latest update of Windows 10 Pro, latest BIOS.When I restart the PC either manually or after a software update it does not fully re...

ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha Q-Code 36 on boot

Hey!Earlier this year I bought a Zenith Extreme Alpha with a Threadripper 2950x. The previous owner had problems with it booting, but I bought it anyway because I wanted to see if I could get it to boot. I haven't been able to boot it because it gets...

ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha which tpm module?

Win 11 works out of the box with this board but toi avoid any tpm shuttering which Agesa solves (but not available TRX40 plattform).So i want to buy a tmp module but which version is the right?TPM-M: 90MC03W0-M0XBN1 TPM-SPI: 90MC07D0-M0XBN1Th...

Mappi75 by Level 8
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X399-E GAMING with 256GB (8x32GB) RAM

Just a brief post to report success with running an X399-E board with 2950X CPU and 256GB (8x 32GB) of Corsair Venegance 3200MHz DDR4 RAM installed. My use-case is VMware ESXi so unlike 99% of the posters in this forum who obsess over what vendor/...

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