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Zenith Extreme II Alpha Load VGA Bios

Hello, the computer was working perfectly fine. Then one-day wifi wasn't working. I restarted and when it came back up, it wouldn't post nor could i get to the bios. First the board said cmos error, then after clearing cmos (with the button) then it ...

Load vga bios

Hello, friends. I have Asus rog zenith extreme Alpha ii cpu 3960x Threadripper, psu 1200 asus thor. Before that, it was 3090 and 128GB of RAM. Today I installed a radeon 7900xtx and 256GB of RAM. It loads up to the logo and on the display of the boar...

ctx by Level 8
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I have an X399 based Zenith Extreme Alpha and...

they recently put out BIOS version 2501 to make this machine compatible with Windows 11 so off I go and install it because I want to run Windows 11 eventually. This is where my problems began.... I use Macrium reflect to do Image backups of my system...

X399-E Gaming vertical M.2 bracket spare part

I'm looking for a spare part, the vertical M.2 mounting bracket for said motherboard. ASUS Germany told me they don't sell them and the company I bought the PC from told me it should have been included but it wasn't. They also told me not to bother f...

Digi421 by Level 7
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4090 BIOS update for Zenith II Extreme ?

Hey there,Seems like the Zenith II Extreme is slowly falling into abandonware, yet they are still active users out there Asus While we'd love to have a BIOS update with AGESA is there an update in the works for 4090 compatibility ? I'm seei...

linxeye by Level 8
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Zenith Extreme - DIMM.2 M.2 Thermal Headers

The Thermal Headers on the DIMM.2 M.2 Card... do they go to the temperate probes that came in the box or should they go to the other temperate headers on the motherboard? Seems like the first, but I want to double check.Also, if I want the temperatu...

ApolloX by Level 7
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Speaker fill gone

I have noticed that the speaker fill enhancement is gone. That option was useful to play stereo sound on both front and back speakers in my 5.1 setup. It was there very recently. The closest I could find to do something similar is the surround option...

X399-E Realtek Audio Console not working

I installed the latest driver for the realtek from asus support page. This did install Realteks Audio console, witch tells me there thats my device is not supported. Is there any way to get this work? I am not able to configure my audio otherwise.