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Zenith Extreme Alpha - it lives up to the name

Hi there,I just wanted to take note of the fact that ASUS has released an $800 flagship motherboard that has so far received a whopping 0 (no, I didn't make a mistake on that one, that is a zero, z-e-r-o) updates in 4 months. That is quite impressiv...

dejanh by Level 8
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Zenith Extreme - No boot !

I just put my new motherboard. But I have trouble when i start.My question is: What is the minimum connectivity to achieve to observe a sign of life of the motherboard? Is the 24 and 2x8 pin + only the cpu pressing the "START" on the motherboard to o...

fabriceG by Level 7
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Asus Strix X399 3.1 gen 2 not full speed

Hello,I have an external NVME enclosure with a Samsung 970 EVO plus.I updated my Strix X399 with the last available BIOS update.I have a max R/W speeds of 5GBits. I never reach the 10Gbits offered by the Gen 2.I tried several usb 3.1 cables, and also...

dboris by Level 7
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Fan smoothing stopped working?

I'm having fan oscillation problems... Under a fairly constant reasonably low load (for my TR 1950x, 64GB, SSD only machine)...My CPU fans are oscillating every 30 seconds or so... Which of course leads to CPU temps oscillating... Process continue...

Zenith Extreme Bios 1701

BIOS 1701 is out...ROG ZENITH EXTREME BIOS 1701Update AGESA ASUS user profile moduleNot tested it myself yet...EDIT:OK tested...all running smoothly...Has ASUS WMI...There was a back alley 1601 that had it (Thanks Elmor) but this is off...

Zenith Extreme Alpha VRM Heatskin Cooler BUG?!

Hello Everyone,* I have a big Problem with the 2 Coolers in the Headskin of the VRM Cooler on the Zenith Extreme Alpha Motherboard, there spinning like crazy and very loud on full speed. In the Bios >> Monitor .. the HS Fan Speed shows around 13.000 ...

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