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Support for Zenith Extrreme Alpha? WHAT A JOKE!!!

I have bought this mobo this spring and still can't find any support. I have so many problems.- I cannot run Dual Intelligent Processors 5- I don't know which memory sticks can work with this mobo.- Aura lights don't work.- Armoury crate isn't instal...

ROG STRIX x399-E booting painfully slow

Hello everybody!Setup:Mainboard: ROG STRIX x399-E CPU: AMD Ryzen TR 1950XRAM: 2x 16GB @3000MHz SSD (OS):970EVO 500GBSSD (Data): 960EVO 250GBExt. HDD (Data): Seagate USB 3.0 3TBGPU: Asus GeForce 1080Problem:When booting up the Computer (AC was off bef...

Schlumpf by Level 7
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Zenith Alpha Extreme Bios 2001 Ram Settings

Can someone confirm Bios 2001 with 3200 Ram Settings? Its not possible for me to boot in 3200 Ram settings, tried everything no successfull. I am still on the 0207 BIOS and running with 3200 settings works very fine, i am running the GSkill F4-3200C1...

Zenith Extreme Alpha wifi upgrade

In case anyone was curious of improving the Wifi card that came with the motherboard. $35 gets you a nice Killer WiFi 6 wireless card on Amazon based on the Intel 200NG card. About 10 screws to remove the back panel and then the heatsink off the VRM ...

BIOS 2001 all kind of issues

Hi,i upgraded my bios to 2001, the new bios dosnt seem to like my settings from previous profile after i re entered everything manuallyfrequency and vcore dropping in windows, instability issues, thermal issues, anyone experiencing something similar ...

Funky PCIe issue

Hey all,Just finished re-building my TR2 system. Had an MSI X399 MEG board and upgraded to this one. I am running into some issue with the PCIe lanes where devices don't get detected properly depending on how things are plugged in and BIOS flags.Conf...