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Zenith II Extreme BIOS 0807

Been testing 0807...works well...with 24 and 32 core...will test 64 core Mon"ROG ZENITH II EXTREME BIOS 08071. Improve system performance2. Update AGESA BIOS code to the latest PI patch A"Just in case some of you guys haven't spotted it up ye...


How to install 2 SSD in Dimm-2 Slot

I just got 2 toshiba SSD , installed both of them in the dimm-2 slot , only 1 shows up , they both work as i have tried them 1 by 1 , but in the dimm-2 slot system only shows 1 , So how can i get it to reconize the 2nd SSD .please help .

Zenith II Extreme stuck in standby state

EDIT: Fixed, no worries!---Hi all,I'm hoping someone here can help me, beyond doing an RMA.Today I was finishing the installation of my new system, now that I've got the threadripper processor, but for some odd reason it's just stuck in a standby sta...