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Zenith II Extreme 10GB Ethernet Port

Is anyone having success using the 10GB Ethernet port on the Zenith II Extreme?My 1GB Ethernet port is working fine but when I move the Ethernet cable from the 1GB port to the 10GB port, as soon as I try to go to any website I get a BSOD. When I mov...

NVME Raid and Optane non raid

Is it possible to have an NVME raid using the 2 NVME slots, but have an Optane 900p in the pci-e slot, but have it not use the raid drivers and use the Optane drivers? I did some tests and using the Optane drivers is much faster than using the NVME R...

Zenith II Extreme - Four Channel RAM Issue

Anyone having issues getting the Motherboard to post with the recommended memory configuration for four RAM sticks (D1, C1, A1, B1)? My motherboard posts fine if I populate the RAM in pairs (i.e. C1/C2 and B1/B2) but hangs when I try the four channel...

ASUS Zenith II Extreme TRX40

Beutifull motherboard.Heatsink Cover is from Aluminum and that's very good material after copper for heatsink.More aluminium less carbon steel is always recommended.Zenith II encourage enthusiasts to enter in world of Threadripper, even if they like ...

Vlada011 by Level 10
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Zenith II Extreme - AMD Ryzen Master won't install

I'm using a Threadripper 3960x with this motherboard and as the title says, Ryzen Master won't install - the installer keeps coming up with the message that "a newer version is already installed" and exits.Does anyone else have this motherboard and h...

mboogie by Level 9
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my system not post

Hello every oneplz I need help before few days I finish my *build system*-mo asus rog extreme x399*-threadripper 2970wx-Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory-GPU RX480 8g-UPS thermaltek *850W*-Deepcool Castle 240 Liquid CPU Cool...

alamaken by Level 7
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Zenith II Exterme - 10GB Ethernet Problem

I have a recent PC build using a Zenith II Extreme motherboard.My router/switch has been connected to the 1Gb Ethernet connector on the motherboard which is working OK. I wanted to check the 10Gb Ethernet connector to make sure it’s working too. (I...

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