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Problem when installing win10 on bootable raid 0

Hellowas going to do a refresh install of windows 10, and reinstall it on my 2 Samsung 950 Pro in raid 0, which has worked just fine earlier. But now when i load the raid drivers during win10 install, windows just sees my raid 0 drives as 2 separetel...

Help - Zenith II Extreme Alpha and AMD RAID with M.2 NVMe

Have a Asus Zenith II Extreme Alpha (3970x and 128GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 3200) with a 2TB boot NVMe (gen 4) - Corsair MP600. Yeah, it’s a powerful beast, but one that I expect to happily support me for many, many years - as have my las...

Texino by Level 7
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Zenith II Extreme intermittent device detection

Running into this weird issue with my system.Zenith II with 3970X, 6xNVME (2 in DIMM M.2, 2 in M.2.1 and M.2.2 and 2 in ASUS Hyper M.2 x16), Corsair 1000D case and AX1600i PSU.Bios is 702, Fastboot is disabled, NVME RAID enabled, PCIe slot 3 set in R...

Zenith II Extreme RGB fan extension

Hello,I have the Zenith II Extreme, on W10 v2004.I have 2 problems :- I use 2 RGB headers on the fan extension card, but I can't control colors and animations (stuck in rainbow mode). I check into Armory Crates and Asus Aura, but softwares not see th...

Next Gen MoBo To Support 4th Gen Threadripper

Time for a new system.I'm going to be picking up a 4th Threadripper on release and building a new top end VR gaming workstation coupled with one of the new Ampere NVIDIA cards. AMD is releasing the new cpu's at some point in late 2020, but I've not h...

asus zenith show code 00 for ram and doesn't post

just if this happened to someonemy computer has been runing fine1950xssd samsung 960 2 to1080 tiF4-3600C17Q-64GTZRbut now for no reason i keep getting freeze out of nowhere, you name it, youtube on chrome crash or freeze, moving file or watching movi...

masterac by Level 8
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Aura EC FW error

I am getting an error that tells me the "Aura EC FW is updating. Do not shut down or reset the system to prevent system bootup failure."it says that then after a couple mins resets the system and does it all again. I can not get into the Bios also.I ...

trephas by Level 7
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