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ZENITH II EXTREME Linux & Bios bug

Hi, it seems there is many issue with bios and hardware support. The purpose of this thread is to get some love from ASUS for their linux user and to help each other with supporting the Zenith II Extreme motherboard on linux.At this time, using bios ...

Zenith II Extreme - Extremely long boot time

Hi all,I completed my PC build about a month ago, I have been extremely happy with it until yesterday. Out of the blue my PC was taking a very long time to post. Taking a look on the QCode I was getting Code CPU C7, where it would just sit idle follo...

BIOS 1402 Problems / Questions

hey guys,i've two questions about the new BIOS 1402:- There is a "EVALUATION COPY"-Text before the BIOS-Screen is showing up while starting up the boot process. What's this about?- 1402 is pretty instable for me and i get a lot of crashes under w10/6...

mylala by Level 7
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Prime trx40 pro S - usb device problem

I already reported this problem long time ago. After update new bios 1402 the problem is still persists.When I connect WD HDD to one of 4 usb ports on top and read/write data, the HDD keeps disconnecting/reconnecting.The problem only happened with 4 ...

vfrank by Level 7
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