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ASUS Zenith II Extreme USB C Gen2x2 copy problem

Level 7
I bought new external nvme enclosure 20Gbps and put in it 2TB nvme. my problem is when copying from the external to the internal vnme it will not work. I looked at task manager, when I start the copy process the external drive is at 100% utilization and 0 read speed and after a minute or so it disconnects.
copying from the internal nvme to the external nvme works at full speed.
The BIOS is up to date (1701).
Any idea what the problem is?
To check if the problem is from the external nvme, I bought a PCIE card Gen2x2 20gbps and I copy to/from the external drive using the USB C on the PCIE card without any problems. This card uses the same chip Asmedia ASM3242 as the one in the ASUS Zenith II Extreme.