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ASUS Zenith Extreme low cpu clock

Level 7
Hello all,

This board has been a freaking nightmare; plagued by BIOS issues. After leaving my computer idle my CPU is stuck to ~0.66 Ghrz never going above this. Temperatures are fine and when I restart the computer my speed returns to normal. What the hell is going on? This is supposed to be a workstation board and basic functionality is non-existent. I selected all of my parts based on the QVL and BIOS seems to be a piece of crap. Other have NVMe raid issues but I have not even attempted to do enable this. I cannot even get my BASIC cpu functionality going.

Here is a screenshot showing the issue at idle:


and here is a screenshot showing the issue at stress test with AIDA:


Level 7
What is your BIOS version?

What is the Q-code on the two digit LED (I suppose livedash on that Zenith mobo ) ?! I suffer from something similar, I just opened a thread regarding this..

Hi, did You manage to do something about this low cpu clock issue? I still have that kind of issue around here too.