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Anybody have luck with Win 7 Install?

Level 7
Hi Everyone,

Ive tried to install Win 7 Ultimate 64bit repeatedly with 17.30 drivers from AMD integrated and the minute the install pulls up my keyboard and mouse go dead. Ive all integrated the win 7 drivers thru ntlite no luck. I even tried the ryzen drivers from gigabyte that has the usb windows tool creater nothing.

I have a X399 Zenith with 128GB 3333Mhz Ram Trident ZRGB 1950X processor Dual 1080 TI 11GB In sli 1st slot and 4th from gigabyte waterforce. I have sata set to raid because i have nvme and regular ssds in raid. If anybody could point in the right direction id like to setup win 7 on my pc

Level 9
If there really are a need to use Windows 7, install it in a virtual environment such as Virtual Box (free).

Installing is as the main operating system on a new computer should be rewarded with 10 whips by a Cat5-o'-9-Tails.

Level 14
You can always install Win7 on another machine then move your SSDs to the target machine.

Or restore it from a working Win7 image/clone.

Or maybe use a PS/2 keyboard/mouse during the setup, lol.

Problem is likely caused by Win7's weak support for modern USBs and RAIDs. Although it could be processor/chipset incompatibility if AMD didn't release drivers specific to Win7.
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Well I tried everything it didn’t work even I tried to inject divers into windows installation also didn’t work you get infinite boot logo and blue screen at the end Asus blocking windows 7 what a shame*.

Level 7
As far as I know Ryzen is not supported on Windows 7.