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81C CPU temp 1950X @ 1.325V

Level 7

I have issues with my setup with very high temperatures on a moderate overclock and will appreciate any help.

System setup:
Mobo: Asus Zenith Extreme X399
CPU: AMD Threadripper 1950x
RAM: 8x8 GB G-Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-3200 CL-14
Video: SLI 2 x NVidia Titan X (Pascal)
LAN: Using the 10G ROG card included
Audio: Creative Sound Blaster Z
Main Storage: 2x1 TB Samsung PM961 NVMe in RAID 0 (bootable)
Additional Storage: 2x4 TB Seagate in RAID 1
BIOS: 0801
CPU Cooler: AIO Enermax Liqtech 360 TR4, rated 500W, full coverage
PSU: Corsair HX1200i
Case: Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Tempered - 2x140mm intake fans in front, 1x140mm exhaust at back, 3x120mm AIO exhaust fans on top + 1x140mm.


BIOS Settings:
RAM Speed: 3066
RAM Voltage: 1.36 V
RAM Timings: 16 16 16 36
CPU Multiplier: x39
CPU Clock: 3900 MHz
CPU Voltage: 1.325 V
LLC: Level 1
SOC Voltage: Auto

Now I'm running AIDA64 system stability test as I found it generates most heat and finds instability issues faster. The problem I face is I get quite high temperatures. I see no one else reporting such issues even when using higher voltage and clocks, and my cooling shall be more than adequate. I already tried to reapply the paste.

My PSU reports, that when CPU is fully loaded the whole system uses about 400W and 150W when idle. I assume the CPU consumes around 250-300W in total.


Now the temperatures I get with the latest version of HWiNFO and are also reported by Ryzen Master and the Live Dash display are about 81-82 degrees C which seems too much for me. Ambient temperature is 23C.


Not sure what's the issue here. Is it possible this to be related because of too much PCIe lanes used? Is the CPU consuming too much power for that voltage? Anything you see wrong with my cooling? Really I'm totally lost.

Final note. There is a strange option in the BIOS named "Overclocking Enhancement". Found no info about what it actually do, but when enabled the temperatures reported are dropping significantly. Now the issue with that is that I'm afraid those could be fake and that's because at idle temps reported are under ambient - 8-16 degrees C. That means if temperatures are wrongly reported my AIO fans will spin slower and I may melt the board/CPU.

Level 7
Try disabling MI skew in bios it directly affects the temp offset your possibly seeing

I had those temps with the EK x399 block switched to xspc and all was good

(cant tell whats going on from your picture)
1) change the top fans to intake (i know it sounds counter productive cause hot air rises but your sucking hot air from your case through the rad)
2) thermal paste is a nightmare ( I used the thin spread with a single dot in the middle like this
(using giant blobs or X or something without a thin spread I found that it sometimes didn't cover everything the way I thought it would)

typically you want "positive air flow" - having the 1 exhaust should be fine

an open air the 3x entermax gets about 76 stock

Level 13
That is pretty toasty. Could be the AIO not cutting it. This is after all a 180 watt chip.
Check the surface of your block. Is it rough? Can you run your fingernail across it and feel the machining?
Check how well the block is seated and TIM application.

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Level 7
Thanks everyone for the tips.

I tried to play with MI skew and MI offset but for some reason did not found any difference. In fact I believe that Tdie already shows the actual temp while Tctl the skewed one as it's exactly 27C difference.

Now I reseated the block, used different paste but got almost the same results using AIDA64 and Prime95 Small FFT (default settings). I was thinking about reversing the top fans, but I'm afraid that this will make me issues with my GPUs which I'm using for mining and are already getting quite hot. Opening the case decreases the temps with 2-3 degrees.

This is how I apply the paste. I found this method best to spread evenly the paste through the whole CPU and avoid aid pockets.

I also tried to touch both the metal plate around the CPU and the water block and I have no issues leaving my finger there for as much time I want, but I'm really not sure how much heat is spreaded there.

Finally I stick some sensors on the front metal plate (as shown on the picture), at the back plate, and at the AIO radiator and got those temps:

Front metal plate: 47C
Back plate: 44C
AIO radiator: 39C

Again I really believe the AIO shall be sufficient to handle that heat as it's rated to handle 500W, and I don't believe I'm getting over 300W with this voltage. I increased the voltage to just 1.325 with the lowest LLC level.

Your AIO is fine, actually great if running correctly. I would spread the paste.

In UEFI disable "Core Enhancement".

What CPU temp does your OLED report?

Had some similar problems, when AI Suite 3 was reporting temperatures of around 38°C (the OLED as well), while the whole CPU was running on Tcl of 140°C and the Tdie on 86°C regarding the informations of HWinfo64. Problem was, that my fans didn't kick in, because AI Suite thought that the system was already running cool. After disabling MI skew in the BIOS, the temperatures shown by AI Suite 3 are now the same as shown by HWinfo64 under Tdie and finally the fan-curves are also working and keeping the temperatures on 72°C max. under full load on an overclocked 1950X on 3700 Mhz. Thanks for the hint guys