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4k mkv read with the 1950 and 1080 ti

Level 8
can anyone readk mkv file here ?

i wanted to check the performance of my build so i "acquired" a 2160p video file.

its on my 960 pro, using the m.2 port, since asus has REALLY bad bios i can't run it faster than x4

i have 64 giga of ram and a 1080 ti

but i can't read it ? how come ? i should have more than enough power

well i read it but its laggy and there are cut every 10 second

i tried to use vlc, some people on forum talk about gpu acceleration but i can't find it it seem they took it out

i tried media player classic with a codec pack and if i can read it, it take like 30 second or more to charge the file, so what is wrong here ?

i read somewhere that its because AMD can't read 4k, tell me i didn't spend 1000 euro on a cpu that has 16 core but can't handle that task...

Level 7 using these sample files the largest 400Mbps HVEC (h265), runs fine on movies & tv (w10 app) and Kodi from 7200rpm HDD, SSD, NVME raid, HDD raid, and ram disk.

VLC, mplayer and windows mediaplayer are crap for playing HVEC and not so sure if they are that good for 4k h264 either (most 4k are HVEC encoded in the first place). Threadripper does not have integrated GPU, so for hardware support you need player that support using your graphics card as the hw decoder or CPU with integrated GPU. Software encoder aren't that great for large datarate files. It has nothing to do with disk speed, caching should take care of that for playback.

...and for second time NVME is supposed to run at x4, there is no faster NVME in any MB and NVME modules don't support fasten than x4 PCIe lanes. You are confusing NVME to the buggy PCIe x8/x4 setting in BIOS.