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128GB for Extreme mobo at 3200Mhz, possible?

Level 7
Am running BIOS 801 for stability, though just checked and it seems the latest 'official' is 804.

Considering purchase of new 128GB DIMM kit

1- Is it possible to reach 3200Mhz or higher with 128GB RAM?
2- Any specific recommendations other than the preferred vendor list? I've heard good things about G.SKILL Flare X.

Posts like the following suggest its problematic getting 128GB RAM to work at ANY speed, hence my apprehension!

Thanks in advance for any feedback and or recommendations!

Level 13
Dont expect much from a 2666 kit.

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Level 7
Revised my original post.

eco_bach wrote:
But isn't this mobo + Threadripper CPU rated for 2666 memory?

Yes, and more. But it all depends on the memory kit you purchase.

The sweet spot it seems for the motherboard is 3200. From what I have been reading and trying its easier to get to that speed of memory. Threadripper likes the fastest (STABLE) memory you can throw at it.

The memory for this motherboard is one of the areas you shouldn't skimp on...

Level 7
Thanks! Any specific recommendations?