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Z490 ROG Bling RGB Bling Audio jacks - how to turn off?

Level 10
I want to turn off the audio jack RGBs which are these:

They are too bright and reflect off the white wall behind my PC to create a giant circle of white light. It's like an experiment to prove that R+G+B = white but fails to do even that.

The options in the BIOS let me turn them off but also turns off all other functional LEDs like front panel indicators.

My motherboard is the Z490-I, BIOS is 0607.

I'm not sure there is a separate option. Those are actually color coded to the standard jack color for PC audio hookups. Red for mic, Green for output, Blue for line in. If you aren't going to use them I would cover them with something opaque to block the light.
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Level 10
Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I do not see any option but to cover them up with black tape.