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Z390E, Wireless connection "no internet" on booth / resume

Level 7
Hi everyone. I have a weird issue on my recently build PC running on Z390-E motherboard.

When Windows 10 boots up, the WIFI connects, but with "no internet"

If I manually disconnect from the WIFI and reconnect, it then works.
It's like this _every time_ the computer boots, and also when it come back from sleep.
I have already tried to disable power saving in the device manager for the WIFI adapter, and I have also made sure I am running on the latest Intel drivers for the network adapter.

*I have 4 other computers, of which one is running on the ASUS Z390i, and no other have the same issue. The WIFI works great in general, running*a GT-AX11000 router, which is on the latest firmware as well.

*Anyone got an idea about what could cause this, and if there's any fix? Right now I feel that either re-installing the entire system or installing a PCI-ethernet card is the only solution.. Quite annoying! :eek:

Level 7
Smells more like a OS SW issue with the routing. Have you changed anything with the config? Proxy?
How about running Linux from a memory stick, like a Ubuntu live CD and seeing if Wifi is fine? Then you'll know if its HW or SW.

Level 12
Have you tried 'resetting' the Network, Windows 'Network Reset'. Start>Settings>Network and Internet>Network Reset at the bottom of the page.

Level 11
If as you said above you can get to it manually and there are no problems with the connection, then I wouldn't suspect you have a networking issue. My suspicion based on your report is that you need to either disable fast startup in your BIOS, and/or enable a #-second delay on startup (in BIOS) to allow time for the necessary files to load. You may also turn off fast startup in the W10 power settings, since it seems to happen after sleep.

It sounds similar to my issue I posted here:

Except mine is on the ethernet connection. I have no leads other than the ones I posted. Does anyone here have any clues to go on?