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Z390 upgrade causing lower benchmark scores.

Level 8
Hey guys!

So I recently upgraded from a Z370 Maximus X Hero to a Z390 Maximus XI Hero. I know it was most likely a waste of money, but I just wanted the potential overclocking headroom for my 9900K. So I know this is probably going to be laughed at but I occasionally use a browser based benchmark tool called Silverbench. Previously on my z370 board without an overclock the computer would pull a 55000 score. This was repeatable basically every time. After upgrading to the new board my score has dropped to 45000. I don't notice any performance issues with the PC itself, so I don't know why the sudden low scores. As far as what I've done after the upgrade. I cleared CMOS and installed the latest BIOS. Reinstalled windows completely. Updated chipset drivers. Made sure high performance was enabled in Windows. I'm not sure what else there would be that could cause this. Is there some new BIOS option I missed? Could the previous board have been tuned differently for the 9900K? Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

System specs:

9900K - no overclock
Kraken x62 280mm AIO
32gb Trident Z 3200mhz
EVGA 850 watt Gold
3080 TI FE
The only thing that changed was going from the z370 hero to the z390.

There hasn't been any other changes in the system, all other components IE SSD's are the same.

Level 7
Ok, old thread already but still took the time to check things out. Scores will differ from browser to browser, firefox tests very poor while edge seems like a rocket. So I would steer clear from this kind of benches. Use cinebench instead, or other cpu benchmarks. But not webbrowser types.
In answer to your question as for the why, an updated browser will already give better or worse performance in this bench, which will likely be the case since you migrated to a new board and reinstalled windows.
I have a 9900k also.