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Z390-i Strange BIOS Issue with Video

Level 7
Hello, folks one of the rare times I actually need to post. So I currently have 5 different optane memory M.2 modules. All doing the same thing. When I first built my system about 6 months ago it was working flawlessly! I ask that you kindly read and watch before posting.

My setup

  • 970 Evo M.2 Main Drive
  • Intel Optane boosting 4TB mechanical HDD

Now recently I noticed my mechanical drive was starting to work slower than normal. I check RST and noticed that it was no longer enabled and stated that no optane memory modules could be detected. Yet in my BIOS and device manager, it shows properly. So now the fun begins.....

  • Clompletly wiped every single drive in the computer by using the "clean all" diskpart
  • Reloaded the latest BIOS just to be safe
  • Made sure CSM was disabled and was in UEFI mode
  • Enabled Intel Optane as a controller type
  • Installed windows and everything worked great besides optane memory

What is strange is I can format my optane drive to whatever I want and treat it like an SSD. So its working to some degree. All 5 of my Optane sticks do the same thing. Work but coming up as no optane being detected.

If you notice in the video it shows M.2_2 RST controlled is greyed out. It's obvious you need it enabled for optane to work. So I started to mess around. I flipped my 970 to M.2_2 and moved my optane memory to M.2_1....Booted into windows and was able to enable optane. What the strangest is that even though M.2_2 says RTS controlled it doesn't actually control my 970 or any M.2 I place in M.2_2. If I place the 970 back in (1)and check RTS controlled it will show in RTS software (Windows side).

My point is I think maybe my m.2_2 controller has failed or something is just not right? What do you guys think? Why would RST controlled be greyed out for M.2_2 port and not anything else? The reason my system works is because my main drive 970 Evo doesn't need RST so it can still load Windows. It's like the port still works because something has bonked that controller driver. See Video and picture. Picture is AFTER I switch 970 to port 2 and Optane to port 1. RST controlled is enabled for both.