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Z390-E and 9700K will not boot with Nvidia GPU installed (2070 or 1070)

Level 7
I'm putting together a new build with the Z390-E motherboard running a i7 9700k CPU. Everything was up and running yesterday using the built in graphics. When I installed a RTX 2070 it would no longer boot. Just a hang up with the GPU LED on and no boot into the bios. After testing all 3 other PCI-E slots, I had the same results. I reverted to the built in graphics and updated the MB bios from the default 0224 (8/14/18) to the latest version available 0506 (9/20/18). Still didn't have any luck getting the 2070 to work.

I took everything apart and returned the MB and 2070 today. I picked up a 2nd Z390-e and a different 2070 card. Rebuilt everything. No issue booting up and updating the bios using the built in Intel graphics. As soon as I installed the new 2070, same exact boot error issue.

I then picked up a brand new 1070 and installed that to see if the issue with related to the 2070. Nope. Same issue.

Huge waste of time and I have no idea what could be going on besides an issue with Asus coming to the market too quickly with this series of motherboards.

I did a quick search and didn't see anyone else reporting issues. Can anyone confirm that they are running the Z390 board with GPU functioning correctly?

Thanks in advance.

Level 7

I think, this isn't the same issue we have.

Now with newest Bios 0905 on the Asus Z390-F Gaming and same issue is still present. Nothing changes, no newer GPU Installed like RTX 2060 / RTX 2070 will work. Now i remove the ASUS Mainboard and change to another manufacturer.

Unfortunately I have a similar problem. Asus Maximus XI Hero Wifi Z390 or Strix Z370-E gaming as the board. EVGA 1070Ti card. 32 GB (4 sticks) of GSkill Ram. 850 watt EVGA psu. M.2 NVMEs (970 Evo 2 TB) in M.2-1 and in 2. Hypercard with NVME in 2 slots. Using SATA slot 3 and 4 for other SSDs. This has been an intermittent problem for me for about 6 months. Started with the Hero as a new build using peripherals from the Z370-E. That is where the problem started. Very slow boot with an even slower (5 min) to get in BIOS and when there it was frozen with no mouse or keyboard input that would operate it. Remove EVGA 1070 Ti and everything works perfectly. Since then I have gotten new memory, a new PSU, and changed the motherboard back to the Z370-E and still intermittently have the problem. The PC will boot into the OS after about 3 minutes and operate well. But anytime I need to get into BIOS I have to pull the graphics card. Last step was going back to the Z370-E with the new peripherals and it seems to be working with the GPU now. But who knows for how long.

I have pulled all but one M.2 drive and all but one 8GB stick and it works but not with the EVGA graphics card. Works fine with the igpu on either mobo. There seems to be some problem with M.2 NVME drives coupled with add in GPUs that are causing problems. I would really like to get this working with the Z390 Hero as I would like to add a 9900k chip, but may have to wait for the new Ryzens and try a different X570 board when they come out next month.

It appears that the similarities among folks experiencing the booting/bios problem is that we each have both M.2 mobo slots populated and a graphics card in PCIE slot 16 x 1. Maybe we should share some bios settings to see if we can narrow down the problem.

As I currently only have Sata slots 3 and 4 filled I have both M.2-1 and M.2-2 running at x4 and am running the drives with Intel RST not AHCI. Somebody more knowledgeable than I should list the important bios items we should compare. There are obviously other important settings we should compare.

Same here.
1. Intel 9700K in, nVidia 2080Ti in, m2 960 EVO in - no boot. CPU led on
2. m2 - out - PC boots correctly.
3. nVidia replaced with Radeon VII - PC boots correctly even with m2 drive...